RedefineFX Mega Bundle (All Courses)

Unparalleled value. Master all aspects of Fire, Water, Destruction, Rendering & more. Save $482.

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Compare this offer to other courses for $1500-$2000. Except with this bundle you’ll go deep with each topic. Fire? Check. Water Simulations in Depth. Destruction covered.

Look at this instead as one big course. When you do, it becomes by far the most value-packed VFX course on the market.

  • A total of 208 videos
  • Thousands of dollars worth of project files
  • Master fire simulations, water, viscous liquids, destruction, rendering & much more

Product Masterclass + How to Freelance: 47 videos

Beginner Liquid: 23 videos

Delicious Liquid: 18 videos

Big Water: 40 videos

Fire FX: 40 videos

Destruction: 40 videos

Rocket Launch: 10 videos

Please visit https://redefinefx.com/ for detailed information about each course in this bundle.

A few words from 2 students enrolled in all courses:

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Courses Included with Purchase

Freelance Product 3D Animation Masterclass by RedefineFX
Learn How to Make Professional Product Visuals, Attract Premium Clients, & Charge $1,000-$5,000+ Per Project
Jesse Pitela
Phoenix FD Advanced Large-Scale Water FX Course by RedefineFX
Master Massive Water FX Simulations with Splash & Foam in 3Ds Max
Jesse Pitela
Phoenix FD Fire & Smoke FX Course by RedefineFX
Upgrade your visual effects skillset with realistic simulations of fire, smoke, & explosions
Jesse Pitela
Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Course by RedefineFX
Go from absolute beginner to PRO at creating beautiful liquid simulations
Jesse Pitela
tyFlow Destruction FX Course by RedefineFX
Go from complete beginner to PRO at destroying anything in 3D with tyFlow
Jesse Pitela
Delicious Liquid Simulation FX Course by RedefineFX
Learn How to Create Pure Eye-Candy 3D Simulations That Will Make Your Clients Melt
Jesse Pitela
Rocket Launch Beginner FX Course by RedefineFX
Includes 10 lessons & project files. Learn how to make an FX shot start-to-finish!
Jesse Pitela

Original Price: $2,179

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