tyFlow Destruction FX Course by RedefineFX

Go from complete beginner to PRO at destroying anything in 3D with tyFlow

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This is a the only complete tyFlow Destruction FX Course available today. Introducing you to all the main ways of destroying just about anything in 3Ds Max, covering everything from fragmenting, metal bending, interaction with Phoenix FD & so much more. Just a few lessons in, you’ll feel comfortable in navigating tyFlow and using it to create a TON of cool FX that were previously impossible to do in 3Ds Max without this powerful plugin.

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tyFlow = Finally Something That Just Works (And is Easy to Use)

Here’s the thing. I’ve tried to make these effects many times in the past. I’ve tried Rayfire (unyielding objects, dead objects, sleeping objects…what?). I’ve tried RealFlow (cool software but all the simulation lives outside of 3Ds Max). Thinking Particles is amazing but quite complex to use. Particle Flow in 3Ds Max hasn’t been updated in a decade. At this point I was considering switching to C4D, Houdini, or Blender – there was no way to make all these cool FX everyone was posting on Instagram inside of Max. Until now.

This plugin is so amazing because it just works, it’s intuitive & it makes sense. With just a few operators you can create quite impressive effects involving PhysX simulations, cloth, tearing metal and more. The possibilities are endless, the simulation is extremely fast & the plugin is being constantly updated with new features. Combine that with the powerhouse that is Phoenix FD and you have yourself a mighty combination & are suddenly able to make complex destruction effects that interact with fluid simulations such as explosions. This is a great opportunity to learn this new software early and be ahead of the game by the time everyone is using it a year from now.

By Taking This Course You Will:

  • Learn how tyFlow works inside and out
  • Create a variety of destruction, demolition & damage effects
  • Understand destruction in-depth, including brick, wood, glass & voronoi
  • Bind fragments together based on conditions, then break them
  • Create multiple layers of destruction, (e.g. further breaking pieces that move above a certain speed)
  • Incorporate Phoenix FD smoke & explosion simulations into tyFlow destruction
  • Activate destruction based on where Phoenix FD sim comes in contact with fragments
  • If you’re new to Phoenix, I’ll show you how to make a realistic explosion
  • Give fragments speed based on velocity of Phoenix explosion
  • Create metal bending effects & learn how to crush a truck
  • Setup PhysX cables, sparks, & electricity
  • NEW water destruction lessons (PhysX Fluid Operator) coming soon

"RedefineFX is doing an amazing job bringing tyFlow to the masses"

- Tyson Ibele, Creator of tyFlow

Skip months of figuring all this out on your own

Yes, you could spend a long time figuring out how to make these effects by reading through the documentation and trying to piece together how everything works by scouring the internet for a variety of random, unrelated tutorials. You could start digging through the tyFlow forum & Facebook comments. You could become a project file hunter trying to reverse-engineer the cool projects of others. Or you can just take the shortcut and let me show how to get this done by the end of this weekend. I’ve done the work, simplified it down, edited the lessons, reduced it all into the main pillars you need to make actual FX NOW. tyFlow is the next big thing and it’s still very early in the game. There’s no shortage of opportunities for the small amount of people who know how to use it.

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