tyFlow Basecamp: A Beginner 3D Simulation Course by RedefineFX

Go From Beginner to Pro at Making Cool 3D Simulations with tyFlow (by the End of This Weekend)

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NOTE: For the full (more beautiful) experience, please leave this page and go to https://redefinefx.com/motion for more information about this course. Thank you. - Jesse

tyFlow can be very overwhelming (or really, really fun)

When you first open tyFlow and begin looking through the 130+ operators (all of which come with their own set of settings), 10+ modifiers and tyFlow helpers, it can seem like a massive challenge to create anything cool – “where do I even start?”. It can be a lot, UNLESS you have someone break it down, simplify it, and teach it in a way that makes sense. So you can skip all the painful trial & error of figuring it all out by yourself, piecing the puzzle together from random tutorials, and asking people in Facebook comments for their project files. Because under the right guidance, tyFlow can be the most fun you’ll ever have in 3Ds Max. Once you understand how it all fits together and how to use the various operators, you’ll have so many unique ideas for very cool FX, and you’ll realize that “yeah, I think I can do this!”

“Jesse and the RedefineFX tutorials have made a huge impact on my career. The free and paid content he creates is incredibly insightful, not only to 3D animation but also the industry we all work within. The detailed explanations for particle simulations have really helped me truly understand the setup process and settings.”

– David Baca, Freelance 3D artist & RedefineFX student enrolled in multiple courses

​Learn tyFlow from the Ground Up

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Create a Variety of Portfolio-ready 3D Motion Design & Dynamic Effects

  • Get a full & complete introduction to tyFlow
  • Learn the basics of every main pillar of what tyFlow can do, including:
  • Generating & controlling particles, art-directing particle behavior using various operators & forces, such as path follow, wind, turbulence & much more
  • CUDA cloth simulations & cloth tearing FX
  • Fracturing & destruction dynamic simulations
  • Particle physics, sand simulations & other grains
  • Splines – spline paths, trails, etc.
  • Abstract effects & meshing particles with tyMesher
  • tyFlow modifiers including tySelect, tyExtrude, tySpiral & tyBend
  • Interaction with Phoenix FD
  • Learn from a Chaos Group Authorized Instructor, award-winning 3D artist & an experienced course creator
  • Learn to understand tyFlow to the point where you’ll confidently build your own flows & effects

“Jesse’s tutorials strike the perfect balance between giving you the information you need to get the job done without getting bogged down in every little technical detail. The videos are concise, clear and in under twenty minutes you can hit render with confidence.”

– Alan Moorse, Freelance 3D Artist

Finish 2020 strong & enter 2021 with the skills to create premium 3D visuals

Capturing the attention of potential clients online IS THE GAME now. I said it in 2019 that freelancing is the future and having a personal brand online is how you survive as a 3D artist in today’s economy, and it’s more true this year than ever before. Building the knowledge to stand out with unique skills online is how you can thrive in the work-from-home economy. Watch TV for 5 minutes and nearly every single commercial has CG in it – whether it’s particles, stuff breaking, product reveals, motion graphics. What I’m teaching you is absolutely everywhere if you just LOOK & the amount of opportunity to make money with this stuff has never been greater. Let’s get started.

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