Phoenix FD Water Simulation Bundle

Big Water + Beginner Liquid FX. Save $100.

A unique skillset acquired by few, knowing how to run liquid sims puts you in a niche, saught-after category of 3D artists who create highly unique visuals & charge premium for their work.

Learn more about the Advanced Large Scale Water FX Course

Learn more about the Beginner Liquid FX Course

Big Water Trailer

Beginner Liquid Trailer

Courses Included with Purchase

Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Course by RedefineFX
Go from absolute beginner to PRO at creating beautiful liquid simulations
Jesse Pitela
Phoenix FD Advanced Large-Scale Water FX Course by RedefineFX
Master Massive Water FX Simulations with Splash & Foam in 3Ds Max
Jesse Pitela

Original Price: $544

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