Complete Phoenix FD Liquid Simulation Pack

Save $150. Liquid FX + Big Water + Delicious FX

Master the entire Phoenix FD liquid simulation toolkit, including small-scale water simulations (splashes, pours, path follow, object morph, archviz waterfall, product viz...) + large scale water simulations with splash & foam + viscous liquid simulations (chocolate, honey, milk).

Walk away with complete confidence to set up just about any type of liquid simulation imaginable. 81 total videos + thousands of dollars worth of highly valuable project files that you can immediately use on well-paid client work.

Courses Included with Purchase

Phoenix FD Advanced Large-Scale Water FX Course by RedefineFX
Master Massive Water FX Simulations with Splash & Foam in 3Ds Max
Jesse Pitela
Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Course by RedefineFX
Go from absolute beginner to PRO at creating beautiful liquid simulations
Jesse Pitela
Delicious Liquid Simulation FX Course by RedefineFX
Learn How to Create Pure Eye-Candy 3D Simulations That Will Make Your Clients Melt
Jesse Pitela

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